Sebastian Vallbracht

Managing Partner

Sebastian as the founding partner of VMVO gained an extensive experience in government relations mainly within the transatlantic political arena. He acted and still acts as a strategy consultant to a high level think tank within NATO as well as for various NGO`s

Sebastian worked as a Managing Partner for two international firms and forged strong bonds within the transatlantic political as well as the business arena.

Dr. Timothy Alexander Boon von Ochsseé


As a co-founder of VMVO, Timothy has been active in the energy sector since 2004. After earning his doctorate in the field of gas market developments, Timothy went on to work as an energy economist at one of the top leading retail and commercial banks in Europe

An economist by training, he has built up expertise in energy market issues in general and the functioning of oil and gas markets in particular

Mustafa Massoud Yousufzai


Prior to recently joining the VMVOs team, Massoud was a financial consultant at various US and European listed companies in various industries in the Netherlands. During this time he developed and has set up various companies in the Netherlands from tax structure perspective.

Additonally, he has board experience in advising on financial and strategic acquisitions and capital market transactions. During this time he led numerous various engagements and build up a deep understanding of the needs of financial sponsors.

Michael Ambros


Michael has broad experience as an Investment Advisor to assist Financial Sponsors and Corporates with the assessment of their financial and strategic investments - on both sides of the fence (buyer and seller), refinancing, distressed and capital market transactions. Michael has also gained extensive experience in the operative turnaround & restructuring environment. Besides his wide-ranging industry knowledge, Michael has specific experiences in the Manufacturing, Consumer Business / Leisure and TMT industry.

Prior to joining the VMVO team, Michael was with a leading global financial advisory firm where he supported cross border m&a transactions for over 11 years from different office across Europe, Russia, Africa and India on a large scale.